Hello there,

Everybody who has worked with TSM before knows that it can be quite complicated since IBM discontinued the TSM server web console with TSM 5.3 (which was unfortunate for Users and IBM). The web console was replaced by the ISC (Integrated Solutions Console) which in the first release was just a joke…

Finally after a long while of development with IBM TSM 6.1 IBM introduced the Administrative console which is still not as good as the old nice web console from TSM 5.3 but much better than the ISC versions before.

But now to the topic…

TSMManager is being developed by an ex-IBM employee who thought it might be nice to have a PROPER UI for the TSM server. I personally recommend that tool to everybody who uses TSM or wants to learn using it.
I used the tool to learn how TSM works and due to the ease of use with online help for most of the functions this is much easier than just using the cli.

If you want to know more about it or try it out go to the webpage.

Certus Solutions is an authorized reseller here in NZ & Australia and if you want to buy this tool, just contact us.


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