Attaching HP EVA LUNs to VIOS

I am currently doing a PS700 deployment. The VIOS is installed on the 2 internal disks of the Blade, but the LPARs will sit on SAN storage that is mapped through via the VIO server.

Now the storage administrator mapped half of the LUNs from a Netapp storage subsystem and the other half from an HP EVA. While the Netapp LUNs are natively supported by the VIOS ( / AIX 6100-05) the EVA LUNs only showed up as “Other FC SCSI Disk Drive”.

It took me quite a while (mostly because when I was connected to the VPN I couldn’t access the Internet ;)) to figure out what to do here, but eventually found the following procedure to enable the native mpio support from AIX for the EVA LUNs:

attached HP (for dev/test/train) and netapp disks to all VIOS servers:
delete all defined disks before installing the HP ODM entry:
lsdev -Ccdisk|awk {print }|grep -w -v hdisk0|grep -w -v hdisk1|while read line
rmdev -dl $line
untar HP_HSV_AIX_MPIO_1041U.tar
run "inutoc ." in the directory where you untar'ed the file
run smitty install_all and use the menu to install all filesets
run cfgmgr to discover the eva disks

Hope this helps someone out there 😉


2 responses to “Attaching HP EVA LUNs to VIOS

  1. Hi,
    Im doing exactly the same and running some tests against HP EVA 8000.

    how many disk are you attaching to AIX? We have windows guys in my office and they are telling me that one disk is enought.. mmm

    • Hi Andrew,

      you can attach as many or less LUNs as you like. It doesn’t make a difference on what you present, but how (zoning, mpio, …)

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